Titolo Luogo Data
Living in Bolzano is identified with neighbourhoods Architecture Days Tour 11 2021.10.03
Tor Bella Assai! Reflections on the regeneration of public neighbourhoods Polytechnic of Milan 2021.01.12
Social housing rehabilitation Polytechnic of Milan 2020.10.22
Sustainable living Home Together 2020 2020.01.30
The architecture of mountain huts: what innovations, what forms? Trento Chamber of Architects 2017.09.28


Titolo Pubblicazione Data Paese
Rifugio Petrarca in Südtirol von Area Associati Detail 2023.02 Germany
Reconstruction of a refuge in South Tyrol at almost 3000m Assobeton 2021.10 Italy
Live MERANo camping gets a stylish overhaul designboom 2021.08 Italy, USA, China
Redevelopment of social housing districts in Bolzano ARKETYPO_n. 143 2020.12 Italy
Schools in San Giacomo and Sarentino AREA Architects Turris Babel n.119, Back to school 2020.10 Italy
The Sinfonia project. Making cities smart manufatto_n. 01 2020.01 Italy
Aesthetic and energy requalification of a residential complex in Bolzano [ark] STO n. 01, Everyday heroes 2020.01 Italy
Stettiner Hütte refuge Wettbewerbe aktuell n. 04 2016.04 Germany