Competition list

Titolo Anno Dove Premio
Variant study Europa refuge 2022 Pfitsch, Sterzing - ST mention
Vinzentimun Residential complex 2022 Brixen - ST first place
Renovation and extension of Josef von Aufschnaiter Middle School 2021 Bolzano - ST third place
Intermediate cableway station Naifjoch 2021 Merano 2000 - ST second place
Kindergarten, primary school and rooms for common use 2021 Riva di Tures - ST special mention
Museum of Ladin Culture 2020 Ortisei - ST special mention
New central core in Laives 2020 Laives, Bolzano - ST special mention
San Giacomo School Complex 2018 Laives, Bolzano - ST first place
Oltrisarco-Aslago social health district 2016 Bolzano - ST third place
Primary school Sarentino 2015 Sarentino - ST first place
Stettiner Hütte refuge 2015 Val di Plan (2875mt s.l.m.), Moso in Passiria - ST first place
Energy requalification and extension of 3 residential buildings, Sinfonia project 2015 Via Similaun, Bolzano - ST first place
Energy requalification and extension of 6 residential buildings, Sinfonia project 2015 Via Aslago, Bolzano - ST first place
Residential building and adjacent Cristo Re Square 2015 Bolzano - ST first place
Texel group nature Park visitor centre 2015 Naturno - ST first place
Modification and extension of the San Candido school zone 2014 San Candido - ST third place
Renovation and extension of primary school Riscone di Brunico 2014 Riscone di Brunico - ST third place
Milan Civic centre 2014 Milan special mention
EURAC research centre extension with arch. Santagostino and Margarido 2014 Bolzano - ST special mention
Italian and german primary schools 2014 Signigo, Merano - ST third place
G. Marconi School of Industry, Crafts and Commerce and E. Lévinas School of Social Work 2013 Merano - ST second place
Triple gym and multifunctional room in Lutago 2012 Latugo, Valle Aurina - ST special mention
Nursery school and new civic centre in Sappada 2011 Sappada - BL special mention
Libano Primary School 2011 Sedico - BL first place
Melograno Kindergarten, Limena school complex 2010 Limena - PD first place
Nursery school and kindergarten 2008 Bolzano - ST third place
Service centre 2008 Merano - ST special mention
20 dwellings in the Toggenburg area 2008 Pineta di Laives, Bolzano - ST second place
Primary school and kindergarten Municipality of Lasa 2007 Lasa, Val Venosta - ST special mention
13 dwellings in S. Nicolò 2005 Caldaro - ST second place
Long-term care centre former Mignone area 2003 Bolzano - ST special mention
Renovation and extension of the Don Bosco Montecassino school complex with Arch. Claudio Lucchin 1999 Bolzano - ST first place
Bolzano municipal cemetery with Arch. Claudio Lucchin 1997 Bolzano - ST second place
Underground gyms Viale Trieste Bolzano with Arch. Greti Innerhofer and Ing. Karlheinz Torggler 1995 Bolzano - ST second place
Vipiteno primary school 1995 Vipiteno - ST special mention
Bronzolo primary School 1995 Bronzolo - ST special mention
Landscape study of connecting facilities between the upper town and the districts below it 1994 Bergamo special mention